I offer this for peer review. Please read the note at the end for more information. Feel free to offer your feedback however you receive this, Facebook, Twitter, or on this blog.

Always Proofread

Best Practice: Write, or delegate someone to write, your content adhering to the before mentioned principles. Always have two sets of eyes, one to write, one to proof before submitting. Always.

The guidelines discussed in this document should be taken into consideration before submitting content to the individual responsible for placing it on the Web site. It will save time and reduce stress on the Web editor if you, or someone else you delegate, writes and/or proofs your content prior to submission. Always have two people involved, one to write, one to proof.

While the Web editor checks for typos, spelling, and correct links, if it is provided in proper form they can work on perfecting it rather than getting heavily involved in correcting formatting and proofing.

Please note: This is a living document about to be released from its first draft. Even after the first version is complete, it will evolve as I discover new studies/resources and receive feedback. I am placing it on the Web for any comments, questions, or feedback. Though it is written for the staff of a private college career and counseling center there are many points that may be useful for the community at large. Contact me, post comments, agree or disagree. I just ask for feedback and hope we can benefit from this peer review together.  I will add comments to this post or post newer updates under the tag: “Writing for the Web”

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