So between work and life and research for the next few blog posts, I haven’t gotten to blog or tweet much. Here are a few things I’ve been working on:

Password managers, such as LastPass and KeePass, when to develop/not develop an app, and YouTube recommended video optimization.

I’ve also been dealing with OpenID not working on this site, so I hadn’t been able to log in for a while. It is still not fixed, and it works with the other sites I have which as of now are all running the latest versions of plugins and WordPress so I haven’t been able to troubleshoot too much.

I’ve been asked by those who run applications such as WordPress, Movable Text, MediaWiki, and others, if they should install updates as they are made available. WordPress is very nice in letting you know as soon as you log into the dashboard if there are updates. My answer is YES! To keep your site secure and not hacker friendly, by all means install updates for your applications and pluggins.

Installing updates is also a good idea for your computers and mobile devices too as they typically include security updates (for Windows machines, I’m talking about critical security updates, not feature updates).

Often there are vulnerabilities in web based applications that allow an attacker to gain access to your web site and install malicious code that is then made available to everyone who visits your web site. You may think, “no one reads my blog, why should I worry? Who would attack me?” Well, the truth is, it costs nothing to set up an evil web bot that goes out on the web searching for unpatched WordPress or CopperMine sites to infect.

So, my short lesson here, before I go back to working on the research for my next few blog posts is, update your web applications, and set up automatic updates on your computers and mobile devices. You can get infected just by visiting personal web sites as well as well known web sites if you and the site is not keeping up to date with the latest security updates.

Using old, unpatched applications and computers is a menace to society just like not scraping your icy sidewalks in the winter.

(Oh, and I updated my tweet plugin for this blog, so I hope this tweets correctly!)

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