I got my first chance to hold a Galaxy Tab the other day. It wasn’t just my first real look at a Galaxy Tab, but it was, in fact, my first look at a tablet device. Yes, I have steered clear of the iPad.

I am in the mood to adopt some new piece of technology. Three years ago I adopted the use of an MP3 player (no, not an iPod), two years ago I became addicted to podcasts (which isn’t really a device), last year I got a video camera (the Flip, and I love it!) and now I’m itching for something mobile that allows me to read.

There is one catch–it has to be WiFi only. Let me explain that my money does not part with me easily when it comes to technology. My home computer is 8 years old, yet fine tuned. I can’t play my Flip videos (or YouTube HD 720p), nor can I hook up a SATA drive (doesn’t have required internal bus for that) but it performs well enough to play a game of Railroad Tycoon or Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. It is snappy and fast running (thanks to an AMD 1.4GHz chip and 2GB of RAM).

My wife and I don’t text (yes, hard to believe) as we don’t want “one more thing” to check. We believe answering the phone, voice mail, checking Facebook, and E-mail takes enough of our time away from life. We don’t have a data plan for our phones as we already pay $60 for cable internet and prefer not to add on a $29,99-39.99 per person, per device data plan. We have a laptop, but it is 4 years old, takes a long time to boot, and easily gets bogged down.

I want something that I can use on the couch, at work, at home around the house that is light weight and instant on. I want to turn it on, browse, and get on with my life. When I’m on campus (work) I want some connectivity to my email as I wait for meetings, eat, or walk the track or treadmill in the athletic and recreation center. I never computer “on the road” or go mobile away from WiFi.

Yet, I want something more. I’m looking towards a tablet, smart phone, or ebook reader and over the next few posts I will demonstrate matching a device to your personal preference. What device you buy should be closely tied to what you intend to do with it. I’m not a Mac or a PC, I try to not reveal my preferences so as to not influence others. I just know what works for my life. Once you know what works for your life, you can begin to choose a Mac, PC, or device that integrates perfectly with your life.

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