Obviously I need a voice plan for a phone, but I still want to steer clear of data plans. I currently have a BlackBerry Pearl which is nice, but I do need to sync it with Outlook via USB. Also, the apps don’t work on WiFi as they wish to use the data network. There are apparently some hacks to get around this, but I haven’t found them to be successful. Without a fast browser, larger screen, or ability to read email, I’m not quite satisfied with my current situation.

I had carried around a Palm Pilot for 6 years in order to organize my calendar and contacts, but this was separate from my phone. The Blackberry was the first time I was able to consolidate the two devices and I was happy to at least get that far.

I live in Outlook since that is what we have at work. If doctor’s appointments and week night gatherings don’t make it on my Outlook calendar, I don’t attend. My work day and home life is planned out via the calendar.

Luckily there is Exchange ActiveSync, which I am looking for in my next phone so I can cut the USB cord (well, re-purpose it, a USB cord is a terrible thing to waste).

At this point I have my heart set on either a Nexus One (or successor the Nexus S) or a Windows Phone 7.

I prefer as few applications to be installed on my devices as possible, and I want to be in control. I always want the latest updates (for security and satisfaction purposes) and I don’t want to be bogged down by bloatware. I also want to make tweaks. These are all the reasons I would prefer the Nexus over other Android phones. Plus I do enjoy the screen size (3.7″) and think it is an acceptable size for a phone.

I wouldn’t normally think of a Windows Phone, but Windows Phone 7 is getting pretty good reviews, and after playing with it alongside the Galaxy Tab, I was impressed. However, they didn’t have the data plan installed on the demo phone yet in the T-Mobile store–a big disappointment.

The biggest problem, however, is getting a WiFi only phone without a data plan. Phones are greatly subsidized by contracts and if you buy a phone outright you are spending hundreds more than if you got one with a contract. Carriers also don’t carry WiFi only versions. I will most likely have to forgo the idea of apps, look into whether or not ActiveSync works without a data plan, and stick to just browsing the web when I’m in a WiFi area.

My contract renewal is next July, so I have some time for additional Windows Phone 7 models to come out and see how the Nexus S fares.

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  1. Bobby Massage
    Posted December 27, 2010 at 2:29 pm | Permalink

    Hey Chad, good article.

    I do have a data plan, but I’m in the exact same boat for wanting a newer Android or Windows Phone 7.

    For Android, I desire the cleanest Android experience as possible, like the Nexus One and Nexus S. Things like MotoBlur and HTC Sense, I see no use for.

    Windows Phone 7 seems to be an exciting new entry into the smart phone space, and I would dig getting my hands on one.

    If I could find someone to subside my predilection for cheap/free hardware, I would be all set .

    Best. -B

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