On their annual holiday show Dan and Brian, the hosts of Great River Radio, brought up the fact that “just because you could do a Christmas song, doesn’t mean you should”  (emphasis added based on Brian’s tone of voice).

How many renditions of “Winter Wonderland” or “Silent Night” do we really need?

I find this analogous to the realm of social media and mobile app presence. Just because you could do social media, blogs, or phone apps, doesn’t mean you should. It is easy to walk into a studio with Christmas sheet music and record an album that sounds just like any other. It is also easy to customize a ready-made app framework or place your blog or social media feed within an app. Just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean you should.

If you plan on doing social media or apps, make sure what you do is fresh, new, and innovative. Instead of adding to the already overcrowded Christmas album/app marketplace, make sure yours is polished, necessary, innovative and useful. Social media takes time which can be easily squandered if no one is listening. Get a mobile site first and track the hits to see the demand before making a huge investment.

You can download the MP3 from the Dec 15 – Annual Holiday Show post on the Great River Radio web site and cue it up to 18:31 -21:51  for the complete discussion. I, of course, implore you to listen to the whole episode as it contains songs that are different than the overplayed, over-covered normal radio play lists. In the December 7th episode of Career Talk (which I co-produce) Paul brought in “different” holiday music as well. Both shows air live on KUST, University of St. Thomas Campus Radio.

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