I am one to believe that the first tablet PCs were ahead of their time (I actually used one once or twice way back in the day). They were just too bulky. I also felt that netbooks were to slow and didn’t power on quickly enough so I steered clear of those too. But then last winter came the iPad and I felt that, finally, someone got it right even if it was Steve Jobs. Well, he got it at least half right in my mind. My biggest issue with the iPad was that it wasn’t WiFi only and you needed a data plan. However, it is light weight, has a great battery life, and is instantly usable without booting. All a plus for quick hop-ons to the internet to check Facebook, E-mail, or look things up while on the couch or before bed.

It would also be nice to always have the web, news feeds, and documents¬† at my finger tips without lugging around a bulky laptop (you can’t read a laptop while on a treadmill). Yes, I still need my laptop, and I still need my desktop, but they aren’t always convenient. I’ve heard it compared to taking a bike to go a block instead of a car. Or walking down the hall to the next office instead of taking a bike. You have three options to do what you need to do. Why do you need a car if you are going a block? Use the car when you are doing heavy traveling. A bike is great and you can go long distances, but it may still too much for casual browsing. Desktops (car), laptops (bikes) and tabs (legs) are different tools. Use the right one.

Phones would more or less be like the grab arm that allows you to reach a book from a shelf or can of soda from the fridge next to your desk without getting out of your chair. Convenient, but no heavy lifting.

I was ecstatic in September when I heard about the Galaxy Tab from Samsung. The display is 7″ compared to the iPad 10″, it used Android, the Google version of a mobile OS and Samsung seemed to be on the right track with their other phones.

Despite the initial bad reviews of the Galaxy Tab from Gizmodo, as I held and played with it in my local T-Mobile store, I was impressed by the crisp picture, ease of use, and readability of web sites. The 7″ screen did not phase me since I had no reference. Remember, I’ve never held an iPad. The Tab has been released, however, the WiFi only version is delayed.

I’m willing to put it off and wait for the anticipated WiFi version, an improved version, or even other options as new tablets are released next year. The tablets available now, other than the Galaxy, don’t hold my interest. A price drop wouldn’t be bad either. Think a WiFi only will be down to $399 next Christmas?

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