It was a difficult process, but my videos and music are FINALLY loaded up on my DroboFS and shared on our home network including our DLNA capable TV. I also just downloaded Google Music and am in the process of uploading my 5,300 tracks which I dutifully ripped from all of our CDs several years ago. I knew technology would someday allow me to listen on any device throughout the house. (I just didn’t anticipate the world, however.)

It took 3 days to copy our 400GB of music and videos over to the Drobo, and once there I had difficulty setting up the media sharing. There is little instruction on how to install and configure Drobo Apps such as FUPPES so I spent a lot of time searching the internet. There had been many more individuals in the same boat including posts on Exploding Zombies and There’s No Place Like dating back to 2009. However, the instructions they gave didn’t work, until I figured out the share path on my Drobo is “/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/[share name]”. After I figured that out everything went smoothly. So, if you are planning on getting a Drobo to do advanced media sharing using the apps, be warned, you will need to be willing to get your hands greasy with a little hacking. (Hacking is good, cracking is what the bad guys do.)

I am quite disappointed in the documentation for the available Drobo apps. I didn’t have to get dirty using the command line, but if I didn’t have at least my associate’s degree in computer programming, I would have been lost. At least I don’t think I needed to pull out my master’s degree to troubleshoot.

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