I’m not alone and apparently many are trying to figure out whether or not Go Daddy is violating ICANN’s policy (see links below). According to ICANN they are not in violation, yet ICANN seems to be tweaking their policies to get at this issue.┬áI think that since it requires so much interpretation and review, and because so much policy seems to get at this issue, the practice could be considered questionable. If it is for security Go Daddy’s policy falls apart when logically┬áreviewed.

Again, Go Daddy claims they are able to put a lock on my domains because upon signing up a several years ago I agreed not to transfer away within 60 days of registration or transferring ownership of the domains. They state that if you update a contact first, last or org name they consider it a transfer to a new owner and will impose the lock. In the ICANN Policy on Transfer of Registrations Between Registrars (Part A Section 3) a transfer may be blocked by Go Daddy if:

#6 Express written objection to the transfer from the Transfer Contact. (e.g. – email, fax, paper document or other processes by which the Transfer Contact has expressly and voluntarily objected through opt-in means).

Sound familiar? Now I know where their text in the email denying me the request came from. This means if they put it in the terms that I agree to when registering, they can do this.

However, I swear I only updated the email address and there is no way to dispute and reverse the lock. If this were a security issue why would only updating the name cause the lock and not actual contact information (email, mailing address, phone)? It is purely to prevent transfer after some sort of perceived ownership change with no ability to file a dispute.

Here are some other posts I found relating to this:

According to the ICANN FAQ I am able to either contact the registrar I am transferring from (which I did with no luck) or contact the registrar I am transferring to. I will try this, if anything they can go through their channels if they feel there is a violation or if something needs to give.

Again, I want to reiterate, I am not out of money, there are no monetary damages so no, I can’t sue, all I am asking is to be able to state my case and reverse the lock on the domains. If this lock is to prevent people from stealing my domain without my knowledge then why in their policy am I able to change mailing, phone, and email, but not names? This is not security, this is bullying. God forbid I accidentally do something else that doesn’t please them and my account is locked for another 60-days because what I did I feel didn’t violate their policy to begin with.

Unless I have more luck with Hover.com getting the issue resolved on my behalf I am at the end of the road and need to wait until March to complete my transfers.

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