I just completed transferring my hosting provider from Go Daddy to DreamHost. The domains are in transition, Go Daddy doesn’t make it easy, but soon they too will be transferred to Hover.com.

The hardest part was doing the domain transfer. Even though my account information in Go Daddy was up to date, as well as the information on many of the domains, there were a few old email addresses in the registration. In order to confirm that I wanted the domains transferred I needed to be able to accept an email at the address listed on the record. However, after I updated the address my account became locked until mid-March. Go Daddy said that because a change was made to the contact record, it can’t be transferred right away. I get this from a security standpoint, but if I can verify that I really am me, and I am doing this intentionally, shouldn’t it work out?

I had been wanting to transfer away from Go Daddy for some time, but was aware of the amount of time involved in doing so. I’d have to go through the whole domain transfer process, set up hosting elsewhere, download all of my content, upload it to the new space, download my database data, and then upload. Finally I would need to change my DNS records to point to the new site. In all, it took 7 days, working on it bit by bit, and I’m pretty proud that the DNS update took place seamlessly. Not that I am a high traffic site, but the only glitch was that for 5 minutes an old page was showing on my primary domain. It was just an extra index file and when deleted everything worked. Since I am able to post this, the databases seem to work as well.

I am now happy to be with a hosting provider that doesn’t have sexist ads, did not at one time support SOPA, doesn’t make it hard to leave, and doesn’t throw upsale ads in your face every time you want to log in and make changes to your DNS or configuration. Plus DreamHost is carbon neutral, a bonus!

Now, there was a security issue just before I ftp’d everything over to DreamHost, but I feel that their response was quick, open, and properly executed. It is unfortunate that there was what they report to be a legacy database with unencrypted passwords, but they claim to have it expunged now and are using encrypted passwords (hopefully hashed salt+password).

Transfer issue update (1/28/2012 11:52 p.m.): Go Daddy says they are unable to remove the 60-day transfer block. I think this is wrong and I wonder how this block actually took effect. Read my next post: Use caution when transferring from Go Daddy to avoid a 60-day lock

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