Limited Recurrence options

I need a third option for yearly event recurrence: On the (Thursday) of the (1st) full week of (June)

I have a suggestion for a popular calendar application when it comes to recurring events. Allow the user to select a third option: designate a day of the week in the nth full week of the month.

As you can see in my screenshot I have the ability to select two options in date selection for a yearly event, however some events require a calculation more advanced than the two options given here. Currently I am only able to choose an exact date or the nth occurrence of a day of the week.

This particular program you may recognize is Microsoft Outlook. Since I am tied to an Exchange Server for work I don’t have the luxury of just switching to another program just so that I can use this feature if it exists elsewhere. Besides, Exchange does what I need it to do across my various devices. Quite honestly though I can’t be the only one wishing this were an option.

A simple addition to the dialog box could go something like this (and it looks like there is space): Recur On [day of week] of the [nth] full week of [month].

For example:

Note that this is indeed different than occurring on the 1st Thursday or 2nd Thursday because while it could potentially be the 1st Thursday some years, it guarantees that it will not occur earlier than the 7th and no later than the 11th of June.

Okay Microsoft Developers, make it happen!

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