If you have a web site are you or your developer/designers paying attention to your visitors? It’s like owning a store where every customer that enters trips over the threshold or has a stack of boxes fall on them due to crowded product shelves. Or they can never find the correct aisle for what they need. Better fix it before people get the idea that you don’t care about their experience.

Watch your customers, see where the problems lie. I hate it when Web developers ignore analytics. It tells exactly what browsers and devices to design for. It shows exactly where your design priorities should lie without the hype of the tech media and overpaid consultants who just sell sell sell crappy design based on “what’s hot” and not what’s useful. 

50% mobile usage? Better make sure your design is optimized for that. 40% IE? Better not be displaying “Best when viewed with Firefox” 30% on iPad? Dump your Flash.

It’s 2013 for goodness sakes. You should already be optimized for all devices and browsers, and no, a mobile app is not a replacement for a mobile website.

If you ignore Web analytics you are ignoring your users.

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