My Privacy Philosophy

First off, this site uses https to ensure integrity of the content and to prevent eavesdropping. Secondly, I minimize my use of JavaScript especially from third party sites, and finally, I do use Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and JetPack Statistics (Automattic) to track trends and monetize.

Security and privacy is very important to me and I make every attempt to make sure my sites use industry standard techniques to deliver my content. I make every effort to limit the amount of JavaScript, cookies, and tracking mechanisms I utilize.

The sites (also referred to as “the site” or “my site” or “my sites”) include,,

I do not require visitors to log in with a username and password and I do not collect and store passwords on my sites. If I did I would certainly store them salted and hashed, but since I don’t store any of this information there is no reason to worry. I do, however, collect and store email addresses when a visitor posts a comment, submits a contact form, or subscribes to receive updates of new posts via email.

I go into greater detail below and if any of these common methods of data collection concern you I have provided methods to block or opt out below each section.


Visitors are invited to comment on my postings. All comments are submitted for approval by me and I have the right to refuse any comment based on spam, offensive language, or other questionable matter. I have the right to determine what is questionable matter. Negative comments towards me are not in themselves considered questionable. I do not have the right to remove a comment just because I disagree with the statement. I have the responsibility to be held accountable for what I post and welcome differing opinions.

I do require submission of an email address along with a comment. I may choose to respond to any questions asked by the commenter in a public online reply or via email to their email address provided. Once a comment is submitted to my site it becomes part of the site and may not be removed. I have the right to keep the comment, name provided, and email address until I delete my site from the server. I do not share or make public email addresses of those commenting on my site.

If you have a valid reason for removing your comment please contact me using the contact form for my consideration.

How to Prevent Commenting

If you do not find my use of the information you submit with a comment acceptable, you can choose not to use the commenting system. But I hope you will find the opportunity to share your insight and knowledge with me far outweighs any risk. I mean, I am sharing my knowledge and information in hopes to educate others and create a dialog so that I may in turn learn.

Contact Form

Visitors are able to fill out a contact form providing me with any comments or feedback they may have. An email address is required to submit the form. All comments sent to me will be stored in my Gmail account. I may or may not delete your email. I try hard to respond to email in a timely manner. If an email is received that requires research on my part it may delay me getting back to you. Feel free to ask me tough questions, just know it could take a little while. Though I try to attend to each email, I am not obligated to be a slave to email and may at any time decide to ignore my inbox for a week or two or more.

How to Prevent Contacting Me

Don’t submit the contact form if this is not acceptable. But, as with comments, I again hope you will find the opportunity to share your insight and knowledge with me far outweighs any risk.

Email Subscriptions

On each of my sites visitors have the ability to subscribe and receive, via email, updates of new posts. The subscription mechanism is handled through and I do not store email addresses on my server. I do, however, have access to see how many subscribers I have and who is subscribing.

I do not use this list for anything other than seeing who is subscribed, how many subscribers I have, and distributing updates of new posts.

How to Prevent Storing your Email Address on my Subscription List

Visitors may choose not to subscribe by not submitting their email address to receive updates. Alternate methods of receiving notifications is to follow my updates on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. If you prefer to not use any of these social platforms you can either subscribe to the RSS feed through a feed reader or check back every now and then. I generally post once or sometimes twice a month on each site so if you just put it on your calendar to come back on the 1st or15th of each month, you should be able to keep up.


I use Google Analytics and Jetpack by WordPress as my analytics providers. Both services use JavaScript and a third party cookie system to track users as they visit my site and other sites that use Google Analytics and Jetpack.

I do not have access to personally identifiable information. My access includes data in aggregate form including, but not limited to, number of visitors, pages visited, search terms, and city, state, or country information.

This data allows me to prioritize site updates, enhance features, and cater my postings to meet the interests of both my visitors and myself. I will not heavily cater to the masses, but if a subject is of interest to both my visitors and me I may happily devote time posting an article on that subject.

Unless posted here, these are the only two analytic systems I use, I keep tracking, and JavaScript, pretty minimal.

How to Block Analytics

Turn off Third Party Cookies in your browser settings, log out of Google, opt-out of Google tracking, and turn off JavaScript. I, myself, trust Google Analytics, it’s those crazy marketing firms that use up to (and go above and beyond) the 5 methods of tracking to collect your information that scares me. 5 methods include cookies, flash cookies, browser header profiling, browser history, and IP logging. Yes, I am a product that Google is able to market to advertisers but at least I get great Googly stuff in return. What have I received, other than junk mail or unsolicited ads or email, from other analytics firms that do crazy things with my personal information?

Social Sharing

I allow sharing to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and E-mail at the bottom of my posts and some pages. As of 10/10/2014 these are SCRIPT FREE! and do not require embedding code or scripts that contact these third parties behind the scenes. These third party social sites do not receive any information about your browsing habits until you click on a link to share.

The noticeable exception is Google and its properties because, as previously mentioned, I do use Google Analytics and Ads (see below).

Depending upon your sharing privacy settings with these social sites you may share links publicly or privately. If you share links to my site publicly it is public.

As I mentioned I currently use only links and not JavaScript to allow my posts to be shared. I will keep this up for as long as it is supported by each individual social network. If, in the future, they prevent a link based sharing system I will either give in or remove the link depending upon the clout and benefits received. If that times comes I will post that info here.

How to Block Social Sites

Before visiting my site, or any site that uses code or scripts from a social site, sign out/log out of the social sites. If you don’t regularly share links on Facebook, log out before you browse to other sites.

You may find that the benefits of social sharing out weigh the risks.But, if you don’t, just log off, use a new instance of Tor every few minutes, and they won’t track you from site to site. However, since my site does not embed content from these social sites, you should not have to worry about this occurring on my site.

Embedded Content

Some content, such as YouTube videos and Google maps are embedded in my site. This allows visitors to play videos or explore maps on my site without having to go to another site. Since embedded content may be pulling data from another site tracking information from that other site may be included. I have no control over this.

Blocking Embedded Content

You may not be able to block embedded content directly, but you can turn off third party cookies and JavaScript if you’d like.


I use Adsense from Google which analyzes the page visitors are on and displays ads appropriate for that page. I get a kickback for each click on the ad. These ads help pay a small portion of my hosting expenses.

I have not researched all the user data that Adsense tracks, but it can’t be too different than Google Analytics.

The ads I display on my site are small and unobtrusive. I, personally hate sites with ads jumping all over the place, mixed with content, and placed in the header, middle, side, and bottom of the page. Less than 95% of my page’s real-estate is devoted to ad placement.

How to Block Ads

If you somehow find 5% of screen real-estate devoted to ads obtrusive, you can certainly use an ad blocker or disable JavaScript.

In Summary

The web isn’t all that useful or fun if it is devoid of interactive technology. If you are finding yourself blocking some or all of the mechanisms that help support my sites, may I suggest either using Tor to browse my site or instead consider one of the methods of supporting my site directly?

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