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Level 1 Support: Help Others

Be civil online: Next time you want to be overly critical on YouTube, don’t. Try to be positive.If you are an introvert (like me), just give someone’s video or comment a thumbs up if you liked it.

Be courteous in public: Hold a door open for someone, don’t honk in traffic, or cut someone off. Be respectful.

Donate to a cause or project: If you’ve been thinking about a non-profit, or a crowd funding campaign, I’m urging you to go ahead and give. Maybe buy something from the next kid that comes to your door for a scout or school fundraiser.

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Okay, now we’re getting serious in our relationship, and I dig it.

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The ultimate, immediate gratification for both you and I would be a book. You get something to read and I receive some royalties along with gained readership. Be sure to leave a review once you’ve read the book (see Level 1 and/or Level 2)!

I Think Therefore I Am: A Collection of My Thoughts
(2000 Edition – Print)
Available from: Amazon (Paperback) and Google Play (Digital Copy)

I Think Therefore I Am: A Collection of My Thoughts: Re-Digitized Edition
(2015 Edition – eBook)
Available from: Amazon (Kindle eBook)

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