A story of wonderment both on video and behind the scenes

By Chad Kluck on

There was a video released a few weeks ago depicting a story of a wonderful, revolutionary device. To watch it brings a sense of awe, not only in how the device works, but how the video seemed professionally polished and was high in quality--even if it was created and shot by two guys with practically no budget.

For anyone who does video as a hobby or as a side project at work without fancy editing rooms and expensive cameras there is hope. You just need a story, some creativity, and inspiration. I found that it changed the way I think about video production both as a hobby and as an educational tool. It is definitely a reference point for future projects.

I invite you to watch both videos about The Invisible Camera by Allan Attridge and Chris Marquardt and then listen to the audio podcast (kind of the director's commentary) about the inspiration and how the video came to be.

The story is one of beauty and anyone interested in video production will enjoy the war story shared through the podcast. Watch, listen, and learn.

Again, I invite you to go to the Invisible Camera website and watch the videos and listen to the podcast in order. For those who do not wish to navigate away from this site, I've embedded the items below. Remember, these are not my videos and I have no relation to this project. I am just sharing them (which, again, is why I implore you to go to the official website so you get the full story).

Podcast with "director's commentary": Tips From the Top Floor Episode 507

Again, I invite you to go to the Invisible Camera website for more information.