Hello World by Chad Kluck

Entry-Level PC Build Recommendations for 2022

This guide is for those starting with their first build, who want something custom, but not too custom that it breaks the bank or gives them the performance they’ll never utilize. It is also one of many resources to check out as you take time to lear

API Presentation at ELUNA 2019, Atlanta, GA

You don't need to be a developer to understand the potential of Ex Libris APIs. Of the four major API integration projects undertaken by University of St. Thomas Libraries over the past year, three didn’t even require the library to supply a single l

Drag, Drop, Done - Library Help LTI

Our university campus was moving to a new Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. Wanting to make sure we were in from the beginning and were ready for launch, the library partnered with the campus e-learning group to provide library instruct

API Presentation at UMWUG - Upper Midwest User Group Conference

I gave a presentation at the 2018 UMWUG Conference in Coralville, Iowa, titled "Making APIs work for you: Creating integrations to enhance user services." During the talk I explained what APIs are, how to access them, and how they can be used to enha

Easter Eggs [Video] - 63K Episode 007

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, "B", "A", here comes Peter Cottontail... Easter Eggs - 63K Episode 007 on YouTube Transcript Welcome to another 63K, the Easter Egg edition Happy Easter-April Fools Day in which we celebrate the greatest

The Sandbox

Had to place this on one of the development sandboxes I manage: BRING THINGS TO THE SANDBOX BUT DON'T LEAVE IT HERE! The sandbox is for trying things out, not for storage, not for long-term development, nor is it a staging area. When you are done pl

Logitech MX 2S Mouse and and Tandy Color Baseball [Video] - 63K Episode 006

It is a very HID (Human Interface Device) episode where I review the Logitech MX 2S and end up playing 8-bit baseball with a Tandy joystick on the Tandy Color Computer II. Logitech MX 2S Mouse and Tandy Color Baseball - Episode 006 on YouTube Transcr

Ring and Pepsi Fire (The Ring of Fire?) [Video] – 63K Episode 005

Ring and Pepsi Fire - 63K Episode 005 on YouTube Transcript Welcome to 63K, I'm Chad and today I'm going to talk about the Ring Video Doorbell as well as taste test Pepsi Fire. You could almost call it the Ring of Fire. [music] So I recently purchase

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