Hello World by Chad Kluck

Star Wars theme programmed on a Tandy Color Computer 2

The Tandy Color Computer 2 was a circa 1986 computer sold by Radio Shack. I re-acquired one in late 2015 as I felt nostalgic about the computer I started programming with back when I was 9. One January night in 2016 I sat down and wrote my first subs

Email unsubscribe guilt-trip

You’ve lost an email subscriber. It’s hard, I know, but don’t take it personally. They felt strong enough to find the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Maybe figure out how to log into email messaging preferences with a username and passwo

What's in the final box? [Video] - 63K Episode 004

What's in the final box? - 63K Episode 004 on YouTube Transcript So over the last few days we've opened up a few boxes and we're going to open up a-- not quite the final box but kind of the one that gives you an idea as to what it is that I got. Um,

What's in the next box? [Video] - 63K Episode 003

We continue the series of unboxings leading up to the final box made possible by my my recent eBay purchases! What's in the next box? - 63K Episode 003 on YouTube Transcript Alright, so if you watched last week you saw that I opened up a baseball gam

What's in the box? [Video] - 63K Episode 002

We begin the descent into the mysterious depths of my a series of recent eBay purchases. The contents of each box is known only to me. And the seller. And eBay. And Google Now. Not even my wife knows what I'm up to and I hope she'll forgive my small

Is your phone watching you? [Video] - 63K Episode 001

Can hackers really steal your credit card information when you place your credit cards near your phone? Are hackers watching you as you sleep? This article says they are, I think it's a crazy world of hype and here's why. Is Your Phone Watching You?

Discovering the Presence of Hidden Volumes in TrueCrypt

I completed my Master of Science in Software Engineering in May of 2011. My final paper was for a computer forensics class in which I examined TrueCrypt, which recently received the results of its second round audit examining its crypto. No back door

Reverse Support Call [Video] - 63K Episode 000

Warning, this call may be monitored for quality assurance. What happens when computer scammers call me? I give them "on the phone training in patience." Reverse Support Call - 63K Episode 000 on YouTube Transcript So I get a phone call from a support