About Hello, World by Chad Kluck

Hello! I’m Chad!

I enjoy developing for the web, both front and backend. I fill my spare time with woodworking, photography, DIY projects, and detaching from tech while paddle boarding (though I do track my voyage via GPS).

I’ve worked professionally as a front and back-end web developer for over 20 years using everything from ColdFusion to PHP to more modern frameworks and Amazon Web Services. My educational background is varied with teaching myself BASIC on a TRS-80 CoCo2 and HyperCard on a Mac Performa, to formal education in mainframe development (COBOL, AS400), computer science, philosophy, English, and a Master of Science in Software Engineering focusing on software development and security. I am also AWS Certified.

I like hand-crafting code to produce scalable, maintainable, well-documented, and clean sites and applications. I’ll put in extra effort so the code runs efficiently, can be applied to similar projects, extended in the future, and used as a teaching tool. I work at a large, private university where I supervise student developers and train others in the profession, so I love learning new things, breaking it down, and sharing my knowledge.

You can find more about me on my personal profile site.