What's in the next box? [Video] - 63K Episode 003

By Chad Kluck on

We continue the series of unboxings leading up to the final box made possible by my my recent eBay purchases!


Alright, so if you watched last week you saw that I opened up a baseball game.

Right here.

And this week I received another box. So I'm going to go ahead and open that now.

These are boxes that pretty much, um, I purchased on eBay and they are building up to one of... to a larger box.

Just open it up...

Alright, so we have another box here, we've got more bubble wrap, this bubble wrap is actually a little bit larger than last week's bubble wrap.

Probably gives a little bit more of a pop.


Alright, so we've got this in here.

Nicely packaged, kind of rolled. You can see the cords there, you might have a little idea as to what's going on in here.

So, let's just open it up and see what we have.

So, we have two joysticks.

Now, this should be no surprise considering, you know, last week I opened up a video game.

But, uh, so this week we have two joysticks.

There's one of them. And here's another one.

Now, the interesting thing about these joysticks compared to like say the Atari or anything like that, is that they're not just up, down, left, right, and center.

They're actually pretty much any position that you can use.

I've heard these described as an inverted mouse, basically because you can move this position all over the screen to any point, it's not just stuck to five different positions.

So, they are Radio Shack joysticks, I'll give you that clue right there.

So, these are the joysticks, here's the connectors for those joysticks.

So yeah, now I have a baseball game and two joysticks. So, hopefully next week I'll have something to actually use them on.

Join me next time for another "What's in the box?"



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