What's in the final box? [Video] - 63K Episode 004

By Chad Kluck on


So over the last few days we've opened up a few boxes and we're going to open up a-- not quite the final box but kind of the one that gives you an idea as to what it is that I got.

Um, I'm very excited. I haven't seen one of these in many years.

So here's the final box, it's very well packaged. And I'm going to begin opening it right now.

For the final unvailing.

And it's upside down so I'll just flip it over.

You can see a little bit of it.

Alright, now, this second box is similar to what I opened up about thirty years ago, about this time of year.

So, this, this is what I have. A Tandy Color Computer 2. Not exactly the same one that I had... oh, the bottom of the box is open. It is not exactly the same one that I had but it's very similar to the one that I had.

We have the Getting Started book, right here. The uh, graphics there.

Of course we have the TV-computer converter for the signal, the video signal. Then, of course, the cable that connects to that on the back of the TV.

And, here is the final review. Reveal.

And here is the Tandy Color Computer 2. It is very similar to what I had. This is 64K, the one I had was probably 16K.

One difference is the branding on here. My had, it said Radio Shack and then it had [three] squares. Same colors, but three squares. And, of course, mine did not say 64K.

But, yes, this is a 64K Color Computer 2. This is actually an open box, but it's been unused.

So apparently this never saw use.

Nobody ever used it. There's where the cartridge goes in. And then of course we have ports. We have the power button. This goes to the TV. Switch between channel 4 and 3.

Then of course we have the left joystick as well as the right joystick so those joysticks I got will be very, very handy. Serial port as well as the cassette port.

Now the cassette is something I haven't yet ordered. In fact, I don't know what I'm going to do yet with that. I might either just hook this up to a computer and emulate a cassette recorder or I just might get a cassette recorder and use it how it is supposed to be used.

There is something nostalgic about using an actual cassette tape to interface with this computer. But yet also at the same time there's something to be said about being able to download pre-written programs off the internet and being able to load them on here.

One of the things I like about this is that it is a-- you just turn the device on and you just start programming.

So there's no funky set up, there's no IDE or anything like that. There's nothing special that you need. You just have a piece of hardware and you just start coding.

That's, to me, very nice, especially when you don't have to deal with any code libraries and stuff like that it just really gets you in. I think that's what really helped me back when I was 9.

I mean, to think that a 9 year old, in 3rd grade, got one of these and just, you know, used the book and went through some of the sample code that was in here, you know, counting, a very simple program, doing some music, stuff like that.

It's pretty crazy to think that a 9 year old was able to go through some of this.

But yeah, so here is.... here it is, what I received when I was 9 for my 9th birthday about 30 years ago.

Pretty happy. You know. It's pretty good condition and I'm pretty happy about it.

We'll get her hooked up.


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