Ring and Pepsi Fire (The Ring of Fire?) [Video] – 63K Episode 005

By Chad Kluck on


Welcome to 63K, I'm Chad and today I'm going to talk about the Ring Video Doorbell as well as taste test Pepsi Fire.

You could almost call it the Ring of Fire.


So I recently purchased the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

And one of the things I like about it is that it is an extra layer of security.

Now I don't believe this replaces a whole house security system, I just think it is an extra component.

For a camera it is pretty good.

I have two access points in my house which the Ring Video Doorbell works on, so I should have pretty good network coverage.

However, sometimes I find that the video is kind of grainy and I don't always get the high definition video which is fine for the most part, it really hasn't been an issue or anything like that.

Now the thing about the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is that you can wire it into your existing system.

So I did that.

Now, going back a few years, when I put in the two chimes, I made sure to get a 16 volt transformer, because the 8 volt wouldn't be able to handle two chimes as well as the doorbell.

So, I thought, maybe the video doorbell pro, since it's rated for, I believe, 16 to 24 that it should work.

However, I've noticed that one of the chimes did not ring and the upstairs chime just did a "ding" without the "dong."

So I replaced the 16 volt one with a 24 volt and since then I haven't had any problem with the doorbell chimes upstairs and downstairs ringing.

Sometimes someone will ring the doorbell and all we will get is the doorbell chimes in the house.

We won't get anything on our phones or anything like that. However, most of the time there is a recorded video so we do have that but as far as notifications as to whether or not somebody is at the door--I always believe it is nice to have a back-up system.

And to me the chimes, having it hard-wired to chimes, is the back-up system. Just in case it doesn't ring anywhere else.

The cameras and stuff, they don't cache video, so if any event happens while you don't have power or internet connections, suppose your internet goes out because you don't have power--if you don't have internet connection or power you won't be capturing any of the video, it does not cache video for later transfer once the power or the internet connection comes back online.

Now, as I mentioned, I have both the stick up camera in the garage as well as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

The video quality at night has been pretty good, actually. It has like an infrared thing so everything turns black and white.

It has pretty good visibility at night. We're able to check on the garage, we're able to check on the front door, see what packages were delivered, check on the packages, see if anybody came to us.

We've seen a few people kind of shy about the doorbell, which is perfectly normal, because who wants to be on camera, so that's another thing too.

There's this feature where you can answer the door on your phone. 80% of the time we don't even check the video, in fact, probably 90% of the time we don't check the video after it's happened, or after it's recorded.

We basically go back if we have question about what has happened here or there, what dent happened in the car, or even when our garage door broke, what exactly happened.

But, when people come up to the door, one, it rings on your phone, who knows where you are, probably on a cellular network, by time you get to it, by time you open up the app and you get to the video feed, they've already given up.

It's probably been like 5, 6, or 7 seconds, people don't wait too long for a doorbell, especially if they don't hear anybody inside.

Sometimes there's a 5, 6 second delay from when you actually open up the app and the video feed actually starts on your phone because it needs to make that connection.

Have you ever had a Skype connection, basically, with a little bit of lag? And that's kind of been our experience as well.

Now, talking back and forth with that kind of lag hasn't exactly been too easy to do-- or we haven't exactly been wanting to do that too much.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is rated for -5 degrees Fahrenheit. We haven't really had an issue with that.

We had a few nights that reached -12, -8 for several hours but we haven't had, this last winter, day upon days where it was below 0.

I think it's definitely a good enhancement to a security system, I don't think it's going to be the only thing.


This is Pepsi Fire.

It's "cinnamon flavored cola and natural and artificial cinnamon flavor."

Natural and artificial cinnamon flavor.

Key word is "flavor"

I've heard-- [laughs]

I wouldn't even say I've heard mixed reviews, I've only heard one, one theme in terms of the reviews and the reviews have basically said, um, "It tastes like Fireball Whiskey and why drink something that doesn't have the fun."

So I'm going to open this up, here.


You know it's fresh.

So, I'm wondering if it tastes like Fireball, which I kind of feel like Fireball tastes a lot like liquefied Gummy Bears.

Or, liquefied, gummy cinnamon bears. Not Gummy Bears.

So, let's turn it the right way, so that you see that's what I'm drinking.

Smells like a cinnamon bear.

And it tastes like a cinnamon bear.

It's got that aroma and that tingly feeling, it's a mild, tingly feeling, more along the lines of a ginger soda.

So, yeah, I think it's fine. It's got a little bit of cinnamon taste to it. It's definately a different taste, if you're one of those who, you know, you can't drink the same Mountain Dew everyday, you can't, you know, you just want a little bit of variety in your soda.

Yeah, go ahead and pick one of those up, I like it.

Yeah, that's my review. To me it's good.

So that's it for today. Thank you for watching. Feel free to watch some of my other videos, I do another taste test in a previous video, Railroad Crossing, of Pepsi 1893.

Go ahead and check that out.

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Also, for anyone who has stuck around, for us to talk with, it's only been like 2 or three, times, there's a lag that is worse than a Skype call, quite honestly. And there's no video---


Homer Simpson Clock >> Am I turning you on?

Marge >> No.

Homer >> What if I undo this button?

Marge >> No.

Homer >> What if I sing to you? [singing] I gave my love a chicken, it had no bones. Um, chicken