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The Tandy Color Computer 2 was a circa 1986 computer sold by Radio Shack. I re-acquired one in late 2015 as I felt nostalgic about the computer I started programming with back when I was 9. One January night in 2016 I sat down and wrote my first substantial BASIC code on the TRS-80 in over 25 years. I just had an itch to make it play the Star Wars theme and so that’s what I did.

I used sheet music for a piano and typed the code in by hand on the Color Computer 2 and recorded the execution through a VCR connected to my modern computer. I was unsuccessful in saving my work but I included screenshots in the video and I transcribed it below if you want to check out the code.

I apologize if I have any typos in the transcription below, refer to the video for actual screenshots of the code that ran.


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