Easter Eggs [Video] - 63K Episode 007

By Chad Kluck on

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, "B", "A", here comes Peter Cottontail...


Welcome to another 63K, the Easter Egg edition

Happy Easter-April Fools Day in which we celebrate the greatest April Fools Day joke ever attempted.

Jesus Christ dying on the cross and showing up a few days later and pulling the ultimate prank on his disciples.

Guess what? I'm not dead!

Fooled you!

However, with the prevalence of fake news in society today, the whole spirit of Easter-April Fools has just kind of lost its meaning.

So I'm sorry if I've become a bah humbug doubting Thomas during this time of year.

Yet, there is one aspect of April Fools that I hold near and dear to my heart.

From hidden flight simulators in Microsoft Excel to pinball machines in Microsoft Word to Googling the word "askew"... on Google..., Easter Eggs have been a long held tradition of developers.

One of my favorites is the Konami Code which actually did not start out as an Easter Egg.

The Konami Code is a simple sequence that got its start on the Nintendo controller

Now, this is a Super Nintendo Controller, but you get the idea.

The sequence was simple:


Of course these keys are also found on computer keyboards which lends itself well to being used on websites and other applications.

The code first appeared in 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the game Gradius and then Contra.

While testing Gradius a developer found the game too difficult to get through

So he developed the code to allow him to power up and get through the game without the hassle of being set back.

You know, for testing purposes.

However, the code was still in the released game because the developer forgot to remove it.

Players in the general public discovered the code, and I don't know how, but they did, and it spread like wild fire.

It was so popular that soon the company released sequels incorporating the code.

Microsoft, and Steve Jobs at Apple, reportedly banned Easter eggs and for good reason.

Depending upon how complex the Easter egg is, it could introduce bugs or even security vulnerabilities into the code of the application.

In the year 2000, right after Y2K, a security author, Michel Kabay, brought up the fact that while applications undergo quality assurance testing, Easter eggs, probably go unnoticed and pushed through with little scrutiny.

So have fun today, I've heard that the Easter Bunny has been putting out eggs without anything in it, possibly not even hiding any eggs at all as a little prank.

And remember, if you find any little unwrapped pieces of chocolate it's probably not chocolate.


While dying Easter eggs today I thought of the mixture of sodas I've accumulated over the past few months and I haven't yet taste tested for you yet.

So I'm going to do them all for you now.

Now going back to Christmas I have Mountain Dew Holiday Brew.

The Ultimate Holiday Blend

It's Mountain Dew plus Code Red

It tastes like Code Red.

Mixed with Mountain Dew.

So, it's basically Code Red watered down with Mountain Dew.


Alright, so next up this is something that I've come across, it's Salted Caramel... CAR-MEL... Pepsi

It's naturally and artificially flavored cola, for what that means go back to one of my previous videos.

Limited time only.

Let's give it a sniff.

Smells like caramel.

Yeah, it definitely smells like those little caramel squares.


My first thought was, "I just drank a campfire."

It's kind of got that smokey, smokey taste to it.

Or I'm drinking a caramel candle.

It's just a weird. If... yeah...

I mean it's okay. But yeah, it tastes like I'm drinking a caramel scented candle.

So my next one is Mountain Dew Ice.

Smells kind of like Sprite.

Kind of tastes like Sprite.

But if you wanted Sprite with caffeine, this is definitely what you would go for.

The last soda I have for you is... OK

Just kidding, April Fools. This one was actually previously enjoyed when the Yankees won the World Series in 1996.

It was, like, after their 35 year drought.

And, little did we know at the time when we were celebrating, that we'd kind of get sick of the Yankees.

Have a drought of a 107 years and come whining to me.

Now, OK Soda was first released in 1993, and this can was actually best drank by August 28, 1995, which means that when the Yankees won the World Series, we enjoyed it a full year after the expiration date.

And it was still pretty good.

Apparently OK Soda was supposed to be more citric in taste kind of like a German spezi.

But in high school though, we equated it to a soda bomb where you'd go to a fast food restaurant or a convenience store and you would just take a cup and you would fill it up with a whole bunch of different sodas.

So, in true OK fashion, we're going to mix these drinks together and give it a taste, shall we?

Alright, so we're going to add a little Mountain Dew Code Red.

So we're going to do one part Code Red.

We're going to one part salted caramel.

And now we're going to do the Mountain Dew Ice.

So, by all means, this should have a cola-citrus flavor with a little bit of caramel and cherry.

The caramel definitely comes out.

I think I would enjoy it better without the caramel.

Which, I guess... you know what, is to say that I really don't like the Pepsi Caramel.

OK, that is all we have for today, go out there and find some eggs and thanks for watching.


OK, now the last soda I have for you is OK. Whoops.